General information

 Khmelnytsky National University

 - is one of the highest in Ukraine higher education institutions, which provides training for about 1500 students per year. For all time since 1965, the KNU prepared more than 250,000 specialists. In the educational process, 44 departments, 808 teachers, 44 professors, 443 candidates of sciences, 4 academicians of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, one laureate of the State Award and three honored activists of science of Ukraine have been sent.

 Training Center for Distance Education

 - opened in 2017 on the basis of the Distance Learning Center, which existed since 2001. Our address: 29016, the city of Khmelnytsky - 16, street Institutskaya, 11, educational building number 4, room. 4-308 and 4-310. Head of the Distance Learning Distance Learning Center: Professor Mazur Mykola Petrovich.

 The University provides bachelors, specialists and masters in the following areas: economics, management, engineering mechanics, radio engineering, electronic devices, computer engineering, chemical engineering and engineering, light industry, welding, pedagogy, philology for IV (higher) accreditation level . Forms of training: full-time, part-time, external, distant.

 The level and condition of the university's material base meets the modern requirements. The University is located in 7 educational and scientific-industrial buildings with the total area of 44.6 thousand square meters. There are more than 120 classrooms, study rooms and laboratories equipped with scientific equipment, industrial samples, models, television and electronic computers for students and researchers.

 The university has developed and implemented a system of continuous computer training in the educational process, which is based on cross-cutting programs using computers and specific program packages for each specialty and has the appropriate logistical and methodological support. There are 17 display classes for 700 seats, a local computer network based on the equipment of DIGITAL company is in operation, there is an access to the world wide Internet of information support.

 The university has a modern scientific and technical library, its fund amounts to more than 1 million volumes of domestic and foreign literature on the profile of universities, as well as educational, social-political, and fiction literature. Each year, the library receives 20-30 thousand copies of books, 350 titles of periodicals. The library has created all the conditions for independent creative work. To the readers of 5 subscriptions, 5 specialized reading rooms, a large reference machine was created. The library of electronic catalogs and scientific and technical literature works in the library. Works the diploma design hall, Internet terminals.


We implemented our projects in the field of information technology

 1. Informational system of distance learning of Khmelnytsky National University. Project start 2001 The main components of the information system are developed: knowledge base, database, control system, electronic deanery. The knowledge base, built on the principles of a single coordinate information space, currently includes over 1100 distance courses, 2828 control test assignments, consisting of 225336 test questions, and 52 virtual laboratory works. Within the framework of the project up to 2000 students receive higher education in 11 directions and specialties of full, shortened terms of studying and obtaining a second higher education.

 2. The project is commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, IT / 488 - 2007 "Creation of distance courses and their use in training of modern specialists". Over 500 distance courses were prepared and transferred to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

 3. The project is commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, IT / 584 - 2009 "Scientific and Applied Fundamentals of Programmatic and Methodological Provision of a Unified Distance Learning System Based on the Distance Courses Bank at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine". On the basis of cooperation with NTUU "KPI" the main principles of the development of the information system of the educational process in a distance form with the use of a bank of distance courses have been developed. The bank has filled over 300 distance courses, an information site for the distribution of educational resources of the bank has been created.

 4. Projects commissioned by the Department of Traffic Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine (MTIBU) "Finalization, adaptation and software and technical support of the automated information system AIPS" Accidents "" and the project "Software and technical support and improvement of the national automated information -the search system of accidents accounting (hereinafter - APSS "Accidents") and receipt of DPAI and the Customer information from the AISP "Accident". The projects and created within their framework information system implementation in all units Department SAI of Ukraine and MTIBU.