Application for the collection of personal information

 Personal data collected from the applicants and / or their parents / guardians in accordance with this application form will be processed by our staff, kept confidential and used by the University for the following legitimate and relevant purposes:

 (a) assess applicants' eligibility for training;

 (b) processing applications for admission;

 (c) examination of the results of the applicant's examination, academic reports and other information;

 (d) management and post-admission activities;

 (e) sending messages to parents and students, including, but not limited to, newsletters and information about events and activities provided by the University or third parties;

 (f) statistical and research objectives;

 (h) alumni activity


 If any of our messages is direct marketing, we will separately apply for your consent, if required by law.

 We may disclose some of the information to third parties, such as institutions (including the Government of Ukraine), service providers and contractors (regardless of where the jurisdiction is located), assigned to us to fulfill some of our academic, educational, and administrative functions. This includes the transfer of data between our affiliates. We will not disclose any personal data to any external organs or organizations if:

 (a) such disclosure is expressly provided for by this Declaration;

 (b) authorized to do so by the applicant or his / her parent / guardian; and / or

 (c) authorized or required by law.


 Personal data may be stored in our databases or database systems of our affiliates (which may be located within or outside the jurisdiction of the University), as well as in Internet portals, and if the application is successful, such personal data will become part of the official applicant student records. It can also be stored in online student resources, such as the global class.

 We may place a photo, video material, name, or student job on our site or in our affiliates, social networks, marketing materials, corporate communications (including annual reports), or publications. If the applicant or his / her parents / guardians do not want such data to be used, please let us know.

 All reasonable and reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that the personal data that we store is accurate. We will take all possible steps to safeguard your personal data and to prevent unauthorized or accidental access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, disassembly, erasure or other use.

 Applicants or their parents / guardians have the right to access or correct personal information in the school. Requests for access and corrections should be sent in writing to the Rector (to the University address). We may charge you for access to information.