The benefits of distance learning


At a convenient time

 You do not need to go to lectures and seminars and adapt to the awkward schedule of classes. You get everything you need to learn from the first letter to the last point. Even at night, you can lecture through the Internet, complete a task, and take self-testing tests.


In a convenient place

 At your place of residence, in the library or on the seafront, in the quiet winter evening, or among the passengers of the rush hour, you can continue your classes. This is especially important for people with disabilities.


With full informational support for each student

 So - the personally selected material according to your order - nothing superfluous, complete and consistent presentation of the necessary material, on any medium, in any format.


Qualitative study of subjects

 Successfully learning - not difficult, but nice - if learning is conducted on the latest remote technologies.


Advanced Technology

 Mathematical modeling of the information space, variational plans, interactive and adaptive educational material, and other developments that our students can apply today, while others will see such technologies only after years.


At a lower price

 At 4 (!) Times less than the price of the daytime separation. With absolute savings on the associated costs - no need to go anywhere, no need to pay for accommodation in a hotel or hostel, for textbooks, methodical instructions, etc. You pay only for studying!


Public Diploma



For full-time students:

 the opportunity to get two education at the same time with minimal expenses. Make an academic difference - and, while studying in parallel, you receive a second diploma, which will help you to get a better job. It is possible to receive a diploma about the second higher education.